Camp Fire Girls Day is celebrated every year on March 17, shining a light on the remarkable journey and achievements of Camp Fire, a pioneering youth development organization. This special day honors the founding of Camp Fire and applauds its enduring commitment to fostering leadership, outdoor skills, and community service among young people. As we commemorate Camp Fire Girls Day, we celebrate not just the organization’s rich history, but also its inclusive spirit and the positive impact it continues to have on the lives of its members.

History of Camp Fire Girls Day

In the early 20th century, a need was recognized for a youth organization that catered specifically to girls, similar to what the Boy Scouts offered for boys. This led to the establishment of Camp Fire Girls in 1910 by Luther and Charlotte Gulick, alongside other co-founders who envisioned an inclusive, nurturing environment for young girls to explore the outdoors, develop leadership skills, and engage in community service. The organization quickly gained momentum, formally incorporating as the Camp Fire Girls of America in 1912. It distinguished itself by embracing a nonsectarian and multicultural ethos, a groundbreaking approach at the time that paved the way for its eventual expansion to include boys in 1975, becoming Camp Fire Boys and Girls.

By the end of its first year, Camp Fire boasted an impressive 60,000 members, a testament to its appeal and the resonance of its mission. The organization’s growth was further spurred by its members’ active participation in significant national efforts, such as selling Liberty Bonds during WWI and engaging in conservation activities. The inclusivity and adaptability of Camp Fire were hallmarks that allowed it to evolve over the decades, eventually adopting the name Camp Fire USA in 2001, and then simply Camp Fire in 2012, reflecting its commitment to welcoming all youth. The annual celebration of Camp Fire Girls Day serves not only as a tribute to its storied past but also as an inspiration for future generations to carry forward the values of work, health, and love – the core principles of Camp Fire.

Why is Camp Fire Girls Day Important?

  1. Celebrates Inclusivity and Diversity: Camp Fire Girls Day highlights the organization’s pioneering role in promoting inclusivity and diversity. As the first nonsectarian, multicultural organization for girls in America, Camp Fire set a precedent for accepting members from all backgrounds, fostering an environment of unity and respect.
  2. Encourages Outdoor Activities: The day serves as a reminder of the importance of outdoor activities in youth development. Through camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures, Camp Fire helps young people develop a deep appreciation for nature and the importance of environmental stewardship.
  3. Fosters Leadership Skills: Leadership development is a cornerstone of Camp Fire’s programs. This day reminds us of the organization’s commitment to empowering young people to become confident leaders in their communities and beyond.
  4. Supports Community Service: Camp Fire Girls Day underscores the value of community service and giving back. Members are encouraged to engage in service projects, helping to cultivate a sense of responsibility and compassion towards others.
  5. Promotes Healthy Living: The organization champions the principles of work, health, and love, with a strong emphasis on healthy living. Celebrating this day reinforces the message that physical and mental well-being are integral to personal development.
  6. Builds Lifelong Friendships: Participation in Camp Fire offers the opportunity to form lifelong friendships. This special day reminds us of the bonds formed around campfires and during shared adventures, highlighting the importance of friendship in personal growth.
  7. Highlights the Role of Women and Girls in Society: Camp Fire Girls Day is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and potential of young women. By recognizing their contributions and providing them with avenues for growth, Camp Fire plays a crucial role in advancing gender equality.

How to Celebrate Camp Fire Girls Day?

  1. Join or Support Camp Fire: Consider signing up your children for Camp Fire or offering your support as a volunteer. It’s a great way to directly contribute to the organization and help it continue its valuable work.
  2. Organize a Campfire Gathering: Host a campfire gathering with friends and family to enjoy the outdoors and partake in traditional camping activities. It’s a fun and symbolic way to honor the spirit of Camp Fire Girls Day.
  3. Share Your Camp Fire Stories: If you’re a current or former member, share your Camp Fire experiences on social media or with those around you. Your stories can inspire others and spread awareness about the organization’s impact.
  4. Engage in Community Service: Dedicate part of the day to participating in or organizing a community service project. This action reflects Camp Fire’s commitment to service and positively impacts your local community.
  5. Explore Nature: Take a hike, go bird watching, or engage in any outdoor activity that connects you with nature. This not only celebrates the essence of Camp Fire Girls Day but also promotes a healthy lifestyle.
  6. Create Camp Fire Crafts: Engage in crafting activities related to camping and outdoor life, such as making friendship bracelets or decorating walking sticks. This is a creative way to commemorate the day, especially for kids.
  7. Learn More About Camp Fire’s History and Contributions: Take some time to educate yourself and others about the rich history of Camp Fire and its contributions to youth development in America. Understanding the organization’s evolution and impact can deepen the significance of the celebration.

Camp Fire Girls Day FAQs

Who can join Camp Fire?

Camp Fire is open to everyone, regardless of gender, race, or religious affiliation. Originally founded as Camp Fire Girls, the organization has evolved to welcome boys as well, emphasizing inclusivity and diversity in its membership.

What activities are common in Camp Fire?

Camp Fire programs include a wide range of activities such as camping, environmental education, leadership development, community service projects, and crafting. These activities are designed to foster self-reliance, teamwork, and a deep appreciation for the natural world.

How can I celebrate Camp Fire Girls Day if I’m not a member?

Anyone can celebrate Camp Fire Girls Day by participating in outdoor activities, learning more about the organization’s history and contributions, or by supporting local Camp Fire chapters through volunteer work or donations. It’s a day to appreciate and promote the values of outdoor engagement, leadership, and community service.

Camp Fire Girls Day Dates Table

2024March 17Sunday
2025March 17Monday
2026March 17Tuesday
2027March 17Wednesday
2028March 17Friday

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