International Anti-Corruption Day is observed globally on December 9th. This day serves as a powerful platform for raising awareness about the detrimental effects of corruption and the importance of combating it. Recognized by the United Nations and its member states, Anti-Corruption Day emphasizes the critical need for transparency and integrity in both public and private sectors.

History of International Anti-Corruption Day

The inception of International Anti-Corruption Day dates back to October 31, 2003, when the United Nations Convention Against Corruption was passed1. This day was established to raise public awareness about the challenges of corruption and the necessity of the Convention in combating and preventing it. Since then, it has been observed annually on December 9th, marking a global commitment to promoting integrity, accountability, and proper management of public affairs.

Why is International Anti-Corruption Day important?

  1. Raises Awareness. This Day plays a crucial role in educating the public about the adverse effects of corruption on society, democracy, and economic development.
  2. Promotes Transparency. The day emphasizes the importance of transparency in governance and business, encouraging ethical practices and accountability.
  3. Supports Legal Frameworks. It highlights the significance of legal frameworks like the United Nations Convention Against Corruption in combating corrupt activities.
  4. Encourages Public Participation. The observance encourages active participation from individuals and organizations in the fight against corruption.
  5. Global Unity. This day unites countries and communities worldwide in a common goal to reduce and eliminate corruption.
  6. Focus on Sustainable Development. It underscores how corruption hampers sustainable development and the achievement of global goals.
  7. Strengthens Institutions. The day advocates for stronger institutions that are resilient against corruption, ensuring fair and just governance.

How to Observe International Anti-Corruption Day?

  1. Educate Yourself and Others. One of the best ways to observe this day is by educating yourself and others about the impact of corruption and ways to combat it.
  2. Participate in Events. Attend or organize public lectures, seminars, and workshops focusing on anti-corruption themes.
  3. Support Transparency Initiatives. Advocate for and support initiatives that promote transparency and accountability in governance and business.
  4. Engage in Social Media Campaigns. Use social media platforms to spread awareness and encourage discussions on anti-corruption.
  5. Collaborate with Organizations. Collaborate with NGOs and other organizations working towards eradicating corruption.
  6. Report Corruption. Be vigilant and report any instances of corruption you encounter in daily life.
  7. Advocate for Policy Changes. Engage with policymakers to advocate for stronger anti-corruption laws and policies.

International Anti-Corruption Day FAQs

What is the significance of International Anti-Corruption Day?

It is significant for raising global awareness about the negative impacts of corruption and the importance of combating it to promote transparency, accountability, and integrity in both public and private sectors.

How can individuals participate in Anti-Corruption Day?

Individuals can participate by educating themselves and others about corruption, attending events focused on anti-corruption, supporting transparency initiatives, engaging in social media campaigns, collaborating with organizations, reporting corruption, and advocating for policy changes.

What was the role of the United Nations in establishing Anti-Corruption Day?

The United Nations played a pivotal role in establishing International Anti-Corruption Day by adopting the United Nations Convention Against Corruption on October 31, 2003, and designating December 9th as a day to raise awareness and promote efforts against corruption globally.


In conclusion, International Anti-Corruption Day stands as a vital global observance that highlights the ongoing battle against corruption. It’s a day that not only raises awareness about the corrosive effects of corruption on societies, economies, and governance but also galvanizes action towards transparency, integrity, and accountability. This day reminds us that the fight against corruption is a shared responsibility, requiring the collective efforts of governments, organizations, and individuals worldwide. By educating ourselves, participating in awareness campaigns, and advocating for robust anti-corruption measures, each of us can contribute to creating a fairer, more just, and transparent world. As we observe this day, let’s renew our commitment to an ethical and corruption-free society, recognizing that our collective actions can make a significant difference in the global fight against corruption.

International Anti-Corruption Day Dates Table

2024December 9Monday
2025December 9Tuesday
2026December 9Wednesday
2027December 9Thursday
2028December 9Saturday

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