Small Brewery Sunday is a unique celebration that takes place annually, falling on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. This day is dedicated to recognizing and supporting small and independent craft breweries across the United States. It’s a day when beer enthusiasts and the general public are encouraged to visit their local breweries, enjoy their unique brews, and appreciate the rich diversity and creativity of the craft beer industry.

This observance, which has gained popularity over the years, emphasizes the importance of these small businesses in the community. Not only do they contribute to the local economy, but they also offer a gathering place for friends and family, and provide a wide range of craft beers that cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

History of Small Brewery Sunday

The concept of Small Brewery Sunday was initiated by the Brewers Association, a group dedicated to promoting and protecting small and independent American brewers. The idea was to create an event that would encourage people to support their local breweries, especially in the wake of challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, which had a significant impact on small businesses.

The first Small Brewery Sunday was celebrated in 2019, and since then, it has become an annual event. It’s strategically placed between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, offering a respite from the hectic shopping activities and focusing instead on the enjoyment of craft beer and community spirit. This day serves as a reminder of the vital role these breweries play in enriching our communities and local economies.

Why is Small Brewery Sunday Important?

  1. Supporting Local Businesses: Small Brewery Sunday is crucial for supporting local businesses. These breweries are often independently owned and contribute significantly to the local economy by creating jobs and attracting tourism.
  2. Promoting Craft Beer Culture: This day celebrates the diversity and creativity of the craft beer industry. It’s an opportunity to explore new flavors and styles, and appreciate the art of brewing.
  3. Community Engagement: Breweries often serve as social hubs in communities, providing a space for people to gather, socialize, and bond over shared interests.
  4. Economic Impact: By patronizing local breweries, customers help stimulate the local economy. The money spent is more likely to stay within the community, benefiting other local businesses and services.
  5. Educational Experience: Visiting a brewery can be an educational experience, offering insights into the brewing process and the story behind each beer.
  6. Environmental Benefits: Small breweries often focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practices, which is beneficial for the environment.
  7. Encouraging Innovation: These breweries are known for their innovative and experimental approaches to brewing, often leading the way in new beer trends and flavors.

How to Celebrate Small Brewery Sunday?

  1. Visit Local Breweries: The best way to celebrate is by visiting local breweries. Enjoy a tour, taste different beers, and learn about the brewing process.
  2. Purchase Craft Beers: Buy your favorite beers or try new ones. Purchasing directly from the brewery supports them more effectively.
  3. Attend Events: Many breweries host special events, tastings, or tours on this day. Participating in these events can enhance the celebration.
  4. Social Media Promotion: Use social media to promote Small Brewery Sunday and your favorite local breweries. Share your experiences and encourage others to participate.
  5. Gift Brewery Merchandise: Brewery merchandise like branded glasses, shirts, or hats make great gifts and are a way to show support.
  6. Learn About Craft Brewing: Take this opportunity to educate yourself about craft brewing. Many breweries are happy to share their knowledge and passion.
  7. Bring Friends and Family: Celebrating with friends and family can make the experience more enjoyable and helps introduce new people to the world of craft beer.

Fun Facts about Small Brewery Sunday

  1. Small Brewery Sunday was initiated by the Brewers Association in 2019 as a response to the growing popularity of craft beer and the need to support local breweries.
  2. According to the Brewers Association, small and independent craft brewers contributed over $82 billion to the U.S. economy in 2019.1
  3. More than two-thirds of Americans live within 10 miles of a brewery, highlighting the accessibility and community presence of these establishments.2
  4. The U.S. craft beer market is known for its diversity, with thousands of breweries producing a wide range of beer styles.3
  5. Many small breweries are committed to sustainable practices, including using locally sourced ingredients and implementing energy-efficient brewing methods.4

Small Brewery Sunday FAQs

What is Small Brewery Sunday?

Small Brewery Sunday is an annual event that encourages people to support local and independent craft breweries.

When is Small Brewery Sunday celebrated?

It is celebrated on the Sunday following Thanksgiving each year.

Why is Small Brewery Sunday important?

It supports local businesses, promotes craft beer culture, and contributes to the local economy.

How can I participate in Small Brewery Sunday?

You can visit local breweries, buy their beers, attend events, and promote the day on social media.

Are there special events on Small Brewery Sunday?

Many breweries host special events, tours, and tastings to celebrate the day.

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