Imagine a day where doodles come to life, not just on the corners of a notebook but for a noble cause. National Doodle Day is that special day, a fusion of art, creativity, and charity. Scheduled for September 13 in 2024, this day is not just about scribbling; it’s about making a difference.1

A Glimpse into the History

National Doodle Day emerged in 2004 as a global event with a heartfelt mission. It was designed to raise both awareness and funds for epilepsy research and support. Since its inception, the event has been a beacon of hope, raising significant funds annually for those affected by epilepsy.

Doodling is an ancient form of expression, with roots tracing back to prehistoric cave drawings. Over time, the term ‘doodle’ has transformed from a word signifying a fool to a symbol of spontaneous artistic expression. Even great minds like Leonardo Da Vinci were known to doodle, sketching inventions and life drawings on the edges of manuscripts.

The British charity organization Epilepsy Action breathed life into National Doodle Day, turning it into a platform to support hundreds of thousands of people living with epilepsy. The day has become synonymous with creativity and compassion.

Ways to Celebrate

Unleash Your Inner Artist

Doodling is an art form accessible to all. On National Doodle Day, all you need is a pen or pencil, and you’re ready to create. Whether it’s squiggly lines or intricate patterns, doodling is a joyful way to explore creativity. Some even believe that your doodles can reveal hidden aspects of your personality!

Make a Difference with Your Doodles

The core of National Doodle Day is about drawing to make a difference. Celebrities and artists from various fields contribute their doodles, which are then auctioned online. The proceeds are channeled towards supporting those affected by epilepsy, making each doodle a symbol of hope and solidarity.

Educate Yourself About Epilepsy

The day also serves as an opportunity to learn about epilepsy, a condition that affects many lives. Understanding the disorder, its symptoms, and how to support those living with it adds depth to the celebration.

Why This Day Matters

Doodling is more than a pastime; it’s a therapeutic activity. It can enhance brain function, foster creativity, and provide a playful escape from stress. It’s a simple yet powerful way to keep the mind engaged and focused.

Epilepsy ranks among the most prevalent neurological diseases. National Doodle Day plays a vital role in raising awareness and combating the stigma associated with this condition.

Participating in National Doodle Day is as easy as putting pen to paper. It’s a simple act that translates into valuable support for a worthy cause.

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National Doodle Day transcends the boundaries of art and charity. It’s a celebration that invites everyone to embrace the joy of doodling while contributing to a greater good. Whether you’re an artist or a casual doodler, this day is a reminder that creativity can be a force for change. Join the celebration, doodle away, and be part of a movement that turns simple sketches into symbols of hope and healing.


What is doodle art for?

Doodle art is a spontaneous and free-form style of drawing that often emerges from unconscious scribbling or sketching. It’s a way for artists to express their creativity, emotions, or ideas without the constraints of formal artistic rules. Doodle art can be therapeutic, helping to relieve stress and improve focus. It’s also a fun way to decorate journals, notebooks, or even create intricate pieces of art.

Why do we say doodle?

The term “doodle” comes from the 17th-century word “dudel” or “dödel,” which means a simpleton or fool in German. It was later used to describe aimless or foolish drawings. The word evolved to mean casual or spontaneous drawings that are often created without conscious thought. Doodling has since become a recognized form of artistic expression, and the term is now used positively to describe a creative and free-flowing style of drawing.

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Alex’s Take on

National Doodle Day strikes a chord with me, not just as a quirky holiday but as an essential day to raise awareness. It’s a day that marries two things close to my heart: creativity and compassion. The idea of turning doodles into a means of support for those with epilepsy is both innovative and inspiring. It’s not just about having fun (though that’s a big part of it!); it’s about channeling our creativity for a greater cause.

And speaking of creativity, my recent sketching escapade in Italy reminded me how doodling and loose sketching are intertwined. They’re both spontaneous, freeing, and can be incredibly meaningful. Whether it’s a casual scribble or a more deliberate sketch, it’s all about expression and connection. National Doodle Day takes that to a whole new level, and I’m all for it!

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