Every year, on the first Saturday of September, people around the globe celebrate World Beard Day. It’s not just about facial hair; it’s about the history, symbolism, and cultural significance that beards have carried through the ages. From a sign of wisdom to a mark of strength, beards have always been more than just a fashion statement.

Tracing the Roots

The celebration of beards can be traced back to the Danish Vikings around 800 AD, but the history of the beard itself goes even further. Ancient civilizations revered the beard, associating it with power and prestige. Even warriors like Alexander the Great understood the importance of beards, encouraging his soldiers to shave to prevent enemies from grabbing them in battle.

Worldwide Festivities

World Beard Day is marked by unique and sometimes quirky celebrations. In a Swedish village, men without beards are sent into the forest, while effigies of clean-shaven faces are burned. In Spain, a boxing match between a bearded man and a beardless boy might take place — the bearded man typically emerging as the victor. Bearded communities worldwide are encouraged to organize public or private celebrations, ranging from family lunches to grand street parades. The day is all about honoring the beard, and shaving is considered a grave insult.

Iconic Beards Through Time

  • The Bard’s Style: Shakespeare’s Van Dyke beard became an iconic look.
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Whiskers: ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill turned their beards into a rock symbol.
  • Lincoln’s Leadership: Abraham Lincoln’s beard was a symbol of wisdom.
  • A Record-Breaking Beard: Hans Langseth’s beard reached an astonishing 17 feet 6 inches.
  • Modern Beard Art: Questlove’s stylish beard represents the modern era of beard fashion.

Ways to Join the Celebration

  • Embrace the Growth: If you’ve never grown a beard, now’s the time to start.
  • Gift a Grooming Set: Know a beard lover? A grooming kit makes a perfect gift.
  • Explore New Styles: Change up your look with a new beard style.
  • Participate in Events: Join local parades or grooming workshops.
  • Share the Love: Use social media to share your beard appreciation with #WorldBeardDay.
  • Have a Fire: Gather around a warm fire and celebrate the day.
  • Play Games and Sports: Organize games and sports, pitting bearded vs. non-bearded teams, with the beardless team heavily handicapped.

Fascinating Beard Facts

  • Victorian Health Advice: Beards were once prescribed by doctors to ward off illness.1
  • Status Symbols: A beard can influence how people perceive your social status and aggressiveness, but not attractiveness.2
  • Battle Armor or Liability: Leaders once viewed beards as either protection or a hindrance in battle.3
  • Jellyfish Shield: A beard once protected a swimmer from jellyfish stings.4
  • A World Record: The longest beard ever recorded was over 17 feet long.5

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World Beard Day is more than a celebration of facial hair; it’s a tribute to a timeless symbol that has shaped history, culture, and personal expression. From the lumberjack to the philosopher, beards tell countless stories and deserve their day of glory.

Whether you’re a proud beard wearer or an admirer of this rugged symbol, World Beard Day offers a chance to explore styles, share grooming tips, and simply enjoy the beauty and diversity of beards. Mark your calendar and join the global celebration of all things bearded!


Why is World Beard Day celebrated?

World Beard Day is celebrated to honor and appreciate beards and the culture surrounding them. It’s a day to recognize the unique styles and individuality that beards represent, and to celebrate those who wear them. The day promotes a positive public image of beards and unites beard enthusiasts around the globe.

When is World Beard Day celebrated?

World Beard Day is celebrated annually on the first Saturday of September. It’s a day marked by events, gatherings, and celebrations all around the world, dedicated to people with beards and those who love them.

How to celebrate World Beard Day?

Celebrating World Beard Day can be done in many ways, from attending organized events to simply enjoying the company of bearded friends and family. Activities might include beard grooming sessions, competitions for the best beard styles, themed parties, or even charitable events where participants can raise funds for a good cause. Sharing pictures and appreciation online with hashtags like #WorldBeardDay is also a popular way to participate in the celebrations. Whether you have a beard or not, you can join in the fun and appreciation for this unique aspect of human expression.

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