National Paper Airplane Day is an unofficial observance celebrated annually on May 26th in the United States. This day pays homage to the simple aeronautical toy that has been culturally embraced for thousands of years. The paper airplane has provided inexpensive, healthy, and stimulating entertainment for generations.1

Embracing a Simpler Time

Our mission is to encourage everyone, young and old, to put down their smartphones and iPads, get off the Internet, and spend some time outside enjoying primitive fun with family and friends. Tossing paper airplanes is an excellent way to bond and have fun without relying on technology.

In celebration of National Paper Airplane Day, participants traditionally attend social gatherings where they create and fly paper airplanes together. These events often feature contests in two basic flight categories: “distance” and “time in air.” Currently, Takuo Toda holds the world record for the longest time in air (27.9 seconds), while Joe Ayoob set the distance record (226 feet, 10 inches or 69.14 meters) with a plane constructed by John Collins in February 2012.2

Reliving Childhood Memories

The act of making paper airplanes not only sparks creativity but also takes us back to simpler times when our imagination was enough to entertain us throughout sunny afternoons. Children and adults alike can enjoy folding various shapes of aircraft out of a piece of paper.

National Paper Airplane Day serves as a reminder that we don’t always need technological devices for enjoyment. Spending quality time with loved ones while engaging in hands-on activities like making paper airplanes can provide lasting memories.

So pick up a sheet of paper, transform it into your preferred airplane design, invite your friends and family to join in a friendly competition, and discover whose creation flies the quickest or covers the most distance! Commemorate this extraordinary invention on May 26th, and cherish the happiness that a mere piece of paper can provide.

When is National Paper Airplane Day?

National Paper Airplane Day is celebrated annually on May 26th.

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