Every year, National Pet Fire Safety Day is commemorated on July 15th. This day is devoted to enlightening pet owners about the potential dangers their pets may face when left alone at home, and offering them effective preventive strategies to ensure their pets’ safety. This nationwide observance serves as a reminder for us to include our pets in our fire safety plans and emergency exit routes. Our pets are cherished members of our families, and it is crucial to ensure their safety. Implementing preventive measures can safeguard both your home and your beloved pet.

Origins of National Pet Fire Safety Day

National Pet Fire Safety Day was established in 2009 by the American Kennel Club in collaboration with ADT Security Services. The aim was to educate pet owners about fire prevention and effective emergency planning. This initiative was taken in response to the alarming statistic that approximately 500,000 pets are affected by home fires annually.

Fire Safety Guidelines

Eliminate Open Flames. Pets are naturally inquisitive and may be drawn to cooking appliances, candles, or even a fireplace. It’s important to never leave your pet unattended near an open flame and to ensure all flames are completely extinguished before leaving your home. Pets can inadvertently knock over candles or be attracted to cooking fires, leading to potentially disastrous consequences.

Pet-Proof Your Home. Inspect your home for potential fire hazards that your pet might accidentally trigger, such as stove knobs, loose wires, and other risks. Pets may chew on loose wires, turning areas with lamps and plugs into potential fire hazards. Secure all loose wires and make sure they are out of your pets’ reach.

Safeguard Young Pets. Young pets, particularly puppies, should be kept away from potential fire hazards when you’re not at home. Consider using pet kennels or confining them to a pet-proofed room.

Avoid Glass Water Bowls Outdoors. Never place a glass water bowl on a wooden porch. The sun’s rays can heat the bowl and potentially ignite a fire on your wooden deck. Opt for ceramic or stainless-steel dishes instead.

Fire Preparedness

The first step in preparing your pet and family for a fire is to establish an emergency plan that includes your pet. Practice this plan with all family members to ensure everyone knows their roles, such as who is responsible for grabbing the pet and who is responsible for gathering emergency supplies (food, medication, water, a photo of your pet, leashes and carriers, and medical records). Assigning roles can enhance efficiency during an emergency.

Knowing your pet’s favorite hiding spots can help you locate and retrieve them quickly during a fire.

During a Fire

As part of your emergency plan, ensure you grab your pet’s leash or carrier as you evacuate. The area outside your home will likely be chaotic, and your pet may attempt to flee to safety. It’s important to keep them close and secure. If you can’t locate or secure your pets quickly, leave the door open and call for them once you’re at a safe distance from the fire. Never risk your own safety or that of your family to save your pet. Inform first responders immediately if your pet is still inside so they can continue the search.

Informing Firefighters

If you can’t quickly retrieve your pet or if you’re not home when a fire breaks out, place a decal or sticker on your front window indicating the number and type of pets you have. This can help firefighters save time when searching for your pet. Ensure your pet’s collar and microchip information is current in case they escape during a fire.

Consider installing smoke detectors connected to emergency services. This way, even if your pet is home alone during a fire, help can be signaled and dispatched.


National Pet Fire Safety Day is an excellent opportunity to learn how to protect your furry loved ones. By implementing these tips and conducting a fire drill, we can ensure the safety of both our pets and our families. Awareness is key to saving lives, so let’s use this day to make our homes safer for our cherished pets.

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Alex’s Take on National Pet Fire Safety Day

I must admit that I find National Pet Fire Safety Day to be a rather practical and necessary observance. It’s not a holiday that brings about the same excitement as, say, New Year’s Eve or Thanksgiving, but it does serve a crucial purpose. Our pets are integral parts of our families, and it’s our responsibility to ensure their safety.

I have a cute Pug, who is quite the explorer. His curiosity often leads him to places he shouldn’t be. This day serves as a reminder for me to ensure my home is safe for him and to mitigate any potential risks. It’s also an opportunity to give my dog some extra attention, although he’s never short of that.

In all honesty, National Pet Fire Safety Day is a day that deserves more recognition. It’s a day for us to learn, to prepare, and to make sure we’re doing all we can to protect our pets from potential hazards. So, let’s use this day to make our homes safer and our pets more secure. It’s a small step, but it’s an important one in being a responsible pet owner.

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