Wear Something Gaudy Day, observed annually on October 17, invites everyone to delve into the depths of their closets and bring out the most flamboyant, vibrant, and eye-catching items they own. It’s a day where the conventional rules of fashion are temporarily suspended, and individuals are encouraged to showcase their most extravagant sartorial choices without reservation. This unofficial holiday is a celebration of boldness, individuality, and the joy that can be found in self-expression through clothing.

The Origins and Evolution of Wear Something Gaudy Day

The inception of Wear Something Gaudy Day is deeply rooted in popular culture, specifically within the realm of 1970s television. The sitcom “Three’s Company” introduced audiences to Larry Dallas, a character renowned for his flashy and ostentatious style. Larry, who was portrayed by Richard Kline, proposed the concept of a day dedicated to celebrating audacious fashion, and thus, Wear Something Gaudy Day was born. Initially, the holiday did not gain widespread popularity, but eventually, it found a dedicated following among Californians who embraced the spirit of the day by donning their most outlandish outfits. Today, it has permeated various regions of the U.S., becoming a beloved occasion for many to flaunt their most striking and unconventional attire.

Celebratory Ideas for a Day of Gaudy Fashion

Embrace the Vibrancy

Wear Something Gaudy Day is the perfect occasion to experiment with bold colors and patterns. Combining neon shirts with equally vibrant pants and adding a plethora of colorful accessories can instantly elevate your gaudy outfit.

Thrift Store Adventures

Embark on a treasure hunt at your local thrift stores to discover garments that have fallen out of contemporary fashion. Assembling an ensemble from these finds can result in a wonderfully shocking outfit that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the day.

Gaudy Gatherings

Hosting or attending a themed party can amplify the fun of Wear Something Gaudy Day. Engaging with others who are also adorned in their most glaring outfits can create a lively and memorable atmosphere.

Bedazzling Brilliance

Utilize a bedazzler to add some extra sparkle to your outfit. Not only does this provide an additional layer of gaudiness to your attire, but it also allows you to personalize your look.

Capture the Moment

Organizing a photoshoot with friends, all dressed in their most gaudy outfits, can provide a fun activity and create lasting memories. Sharing these images on social media with #WearSomethingGaudyDay can also spread the joy and perhaps inspire others to join in next year.

Gaudy Fashion: A Journey Through Time

Y2K fashion, characterized by its unapologetically gaudy aesthetic, dominated the late ’90s and early 2000s. Celebrities like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears were often seen sporting brightly colored tracksuits, rhinestones, and other flashy attire, making a significant impact on fashion trends during this period. Meanwhile, the 1970s were marked by the glam rock era, where artists like KISS and Mötley Crue embraced outrageous hairstyles and costumes, embodying the spirit of gaudy fashion. The era also saw a surge in other vibrant trends, such as bell-bottoms, platform shoes, and striped tube socks, providing ample inspiration for those looking to celebrate Wear Something Gaudy Day.

Intriguing Facts About Gaudy Fashion

The Misconception About “Gaudy”

Contrary to popular belief, the term “gaudy” does not originate from the Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi. The usage of the word dates back to the 16th century, where it was used to describe trickery, long before Gaudi’s time.

The Extrovert’s Choice

Gaudy clothing, often preferred by individuals with extroverted personalities, allows wearers to express their outgoing nature through their vibrant and attention-grabbing fashion choices.

The Resurgence of Y2K Fashion

Y2K fashion, with its hallmark rhinestones, whale tails, and embellished caps, is experiencing a resurgence, as Gen Z TikTokkers popularize the aesthetic, bringing gaudy fashion back into the limelight.

A Gaudy Era for Men

The 1970s was a particularly gaudy era for men’s fashion, with brightly colored jumpsuits, short shorts, and tights becoming popular and widely accepted.


Wear Something Gaudy Day is a celebration that transcends mere clothing choices; it’s a day that encourages self-expression, boldness, and a collective dismissal of fashion norms. On October 17, individuals are invited to explore the boundaries of their fashion sense, to embrace the audacious, and to find joy in the vibrant and the unconventional. So, let’s celebrate our individuality, our boldness, and our ability to have fun with fashion, not just on Wear Something Gaudy Day, but every day.


What is the meaning of Wear something gaudy day?

Wear Something Gaudy Day is an annual celebration that encourages individuals to express their unique style by wearing vibrant, unconventional, and often over-the-top clothing items.

How do you dress gaudy?

What is the meaning of Wear something gaudy day?

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Alex’s Take on Wear Something Gaudy Day

Wear Something Gaudy Day is indeed a fascinating holiday. It’s a day that encourages a touch of flamboyance and a break from the usual fashion norms. I often ponder whether psychologists might offer deeper insights into the motivations behind this urge to stand out. There’s likely a psychological basis for the desire to distinguish oneself through vibrant and ostentatious clothing. On a personal note, I do have a soft spot for bright colors in my wardrobe occasionally. However, even with such bold choices, I believe there’s a need for balance and a keen sense of style to avoid looking overly extravagant. But if that’s the look one is going for, then why not? It’s commendable that our society has progressed to a point where everyone can dress as they wish and express themselves without facing undue criticism.

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