😋 Emojis have become a popular way to communicate on the internet and are used by billions of people every day. Emojis are used to express emotions, convey messages, and add personality to text-based communication.

An annual celebration of emojis, World Emoji Day is a special day to honor the popular characters we all know and love. From the original 176 emojis that were released in 1999, there are now over 3,000 different emojis to choose from. And with new emojis being released each year, there’s always something to look forward to on World Emoji Day.

For example, the new lip bite emoji. It’s perfect for showing off your playful side, or for sending a flirty message. This popular emoji is finally being added to the lineup, and we couldn’t be more excited. So whether you’re a fan of the original emojis or the new additions, there’s something to celebrate on World Emoji Day.

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