Life is filled with affections, events, learnings, commitments, ideas and countless memories. Among these important aspects of life are our siblings – our closest friends who share a unique bond with us. Growing up together in a family brings about a web of experiences and complicity that lasts a lifetime.

To emphasize the significance of sibling relationships, the European Large Families Confederation decided to establish Brothers and Sisters Day. Celebrated every year on May 31st, this special occasion is aimed at strengthening and cherishing the moments shared between siblings.

Some of the key aspects of sibling relationships include growing up together, embarking on adventures, making discoveries, showing solidarity, displaying mutual support, embracing diversity and cooperation. Through these experiences come joy and sadness as well as tolerance and reconciliation.

The celebration of Brothers and Sisters Day was inspired by the founder and president of APFN – Portuguese Association of Large Families, who once said:

If you want to make a child happy, give them a sibling. If you want to make a child very happy, give them lots of siblings.

This sentiment embodies the spirit behind this initiative.

May is an ideal month for celebrating family bonds as it already hosts Mother’s Day (in Portugal) on the first Sunday of May along with International Family Day on May 15th. By observing Brothers and Sisters Day on May 31st, it further highlights strong familial connections before transitioning into World Children’s Day celebrated in many countries such as Portugal on June 1st.

In conclusion, Brothers and Sisters Day serves as a reminder for all Europeans to appreciate their siblings and strengthen their unique bonds – acknowledging that true happiness can stem from being part of loving brotherly or sisterly relationships.

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